Convert lookers into buyers with Artificial Intelligence

33x ROI

Average ROI across stores. The app pays for itself.


Relevant recommendations  for 85% of new traffic.


Loads faster than a Google search.

First steps


for brands with less than $10K USD in monthly revenue (based on last 30 days)

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for brands with $100 to $200K USD in monthly revenue (based on last 30 days)

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for brands with $200K to $1M USD in monthly revenue (based on last 30 days)

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for brands with over $1M USD in monthly revenue (based on last 30 days)

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30 days free trial. No credit card required.
Payments through Shopify.

All account plans include

Unlimited Product Recommendations

19% higher conversions with AI-driven reccomendations.

Visual Artificial Intelligence

Access to cutting-edge multi-modal AI that sees products like a human.

Advanced Customization

16+ style settings for total control of the style of the section.

Peformance Tracking Dashboard

Measure your ROI with clear attribution of Suggestr-driven sales.

Converts New Visitors

119% more effective for new incoming visitors to your store.

Human-Like Suggestions

AI that understands your catalog like real a human does.

Effective For New SKUs And Stores

AI handles cold-start even for new products with no order history.

24x7 Live Support

We hold your hand every step of the way. Support for all time zones.

In case you missed anything

I'm on a Free plan, why do I need to approve the charge?
Don't worry, if your monthly sales are below $10,000 USD your charge will always be 0 and you will not pay anything. Charge approval is a standard step for all the stores since we don't know anything about you before installation. When you become a big brand and grow beyond $10K, we will automatically shift you to the "Startup" plan without any friction.
How is store revenue calculated?
We calculate your revenue as a total sum of your orders for the last 30 days on the date of a charge. By doing this we segregate businesses of different size and put them in six pricing buckets. For example, if you're a small store and you have sold goods on $20k, $25k, or $40k during the last 30 days, you will fall in our "Startup" plan and pay only $29.
When does a charge occur?
First time we will charge you in the end of trial period — on day 31 after installation. After that, the charge occurs every 30 days starting from the date of the first payment.
Why does Shopify asks me to authorize charges for up to $349?
This is a standard step for all the stores since we don't know anything about you before installation. After getting the permit we charge you according to our pricing policy (based on your revenue from the last 30 days).
Why should I pay more as a larger store for the same set of features?
Fundamentally, we provide a value-based pricing. Large stores and DTC brands are happy to pay higher price for Suggestr recommendations because they get even more sales generated. Which means Suggestr ROI increases for larger stores. Also, larger stores with more traffic create more technical load on our infrastructure and increase our operational costs.