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Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in AOV


Higher Add-to-cart Rate

Snackright — you walnut believe this!

In less than 30-days, Snackright increased their store-wide conversion rate by 75% using Suggestr's AI-driven selling strategies.

Jit Yen Chan started SnackRight in 2020 to make it easier for people to make healthier snacking choices.

We wanted to bring to the table healthier options of snacks that would taste as good as indulgent ones!

With no in-house dev or data science team, her challenge was how to increase store conversion and AOV.

She decided to integrate Suggestr into her store to solve this challenge. The setup process took 5-min, required only three clicks. Our team guided her onboarding by customizing the recommendations to visually match her store theme. We opted for placing Suggestr's section on product pages and on cart-out page.

Unlike other solutions, Suggestr's AI is a self-learning agent that doesn't need any manual algorithm selection. Using the latest computer vision AI, Suggestr understands catalog products like a human does. So it automatically learns how to segment your audience and what strategy to use on different pages. It continuously gets better the longer it's active in your store.

Within the free trial period, her store saw statistically significant improvements in virtually every CRO parameter:

  • Store-wide conversion rate increased by 75.3%
  • AOV up by 63.3%
  • ATC rate increased by 37.6%
  • Average session duration up by 18.2%

Want to see if Suggestr can do the same for your store? Let's chat. We're active on LinkedIn, so follow us there. Don't forget to get some tasty treats from Snackright's website.