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Increase in AOV


Uplift in Revenue per session


Higher Add to Cart Rate

Beyond The Vines – apparel and beyond

In 2 weeks, Beyond The Vines saw an AB-tested 11% increase in their revenue per session!

Beyond The Vines (BTV) is a Singapore-based design studio that sells apparel and accessories for men, women, and kids. Launched in 2015, their products are known for their bold and elegant designs inspired by nature and contemporary culture. Lifestyle products such as homeware, stationery items, funky cameras, smartphone covers, and much more are also offered by this leading design brand.

Challenges that the client faced

Beyond The Vines, like any successful store, endeavors to keep their customers engaged, and increase AOV (Average Order Value). The challenge was also to improve the conversion rates of their Shopify Plus store. There was an additional target to decrease the bounce rate.


Beyond The Vines had tried a few solutions but they didn't work for them as expected. They were using the default recommendation surfaces from Shopify. At Suggestr, we personalize the customer experience by adding AI product recommendations that suggest only relevant products to customers. It helps DTC brands to improve their upsells and cross-sell effectively. 

We decided to run an A/B-test to observe the impact of our solutions on the Beyond The Vines website. As a part of our test, 50% of the traffic was diverted to their online store, whereas the remaining 50% was directed towards the online store integrated with Suggestr surfaces.


The website that incorporated Suggestr surfaces was able to suggest relevant products to customers with the help of AI product recommendations. It also helped BTV to increase their conversion rate. Once the customer provided details for the main purchase, additional products were recommended through one-click upsell. The increase in cross-sell purchases along with personalized recommendations resulted in a considerable improvement in the average order value

With the implementation of Suggestr solutions, a considerable improvement was measured for the following e-commerce metrics:

  • Revenue per session: 11.76%
  • Average Order Value: 10.19%
  • Add to Cart rate: 5.96%
  • Average time on page (s): 20.0%
  • Average Product Price: 17.58%

Beyond The Vines achieved these results in only two weeks with the help of integrated Suggestr surfaces. They saw an improvement in key metrics like average time users spent on a page, add to cart rate, etc. The bounce rate gradually decreased and Beyond The Vines managed to put their regular sales back on track. 


At Suggestr, we provide personalization with AI recommendations for DTC brands operating on Shopify, with exclusive add-ons and extensions for Shopify Plus merchants. Like Beyond The Vines, you can experience similar results for your DTC brand with a 30-day free trial of Suggestr that includes a complimentary A/B-test.